New Voyager J/C fic
For making a contribution to a cause, someone wrote me a lovely post-Endgame J/C fic (my idea).  The author has chosen not to post the story online (not her usual premise), but has said I can share it if I want.  Well, I really liked the fic and would hope someone else would read it besides me!  So, if you're interested in a nice Chakotay 1st-person story where he reflects on his and KJ's relationship, please let me know, and I'll be glad to send it to you (about 6000 words) & I think you'll like it, thanks!

My 2nd fic, Janeway (Continuing) Lives story
I love Voyager and Captain Kathryn Janeway, but never felt the urge to write a story until the Janeway Lives Challenge on the Pathfinder Voyager's writers site (  This was in response to the arbitrary and unfair disposal from Trek lit. fiction of the MAIN character of the TV show, and my (and many others) heroine, Kathryn J.  Well, her FANS know she lives (at least her "spirit" was rescued by the Q); still, I (and others) wanted to bring her back in print.  (The last "Voyager" book published was without her!)  So, last fall, I wrote a (fairly long) story and posted it on the site, not thinking it would matter much.  Well, was pleasantly surprised to get a pretty good response and some nice reviews.  And, though I hadn't thought of writing another story, some readers (thank you!) suggested that they would like to see more.  So I wrote another (even longer one) and recently also posted it (the first half, the second half will hopefully post by this weekend) on Pathfinder.  Well, if anyone would like to read about  Kathryn and Chakotay (of course) back in the Delta Quadrant, the fics are called A New Life, and A New Life 2.  (Maybe not the most descriptive titles, but I felt there was some meaning to them.)  Thanks!  Hope someone enjoys it all.  PS there's an R scene in #2, but not that explicit.  Gale S.


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